In-Person worship information


  • If you would like to attend a service, please complete the form below. You will receive an email confirmation saving you seat.
  • If you are sick or do not feel well, please stay home to help protect the health and safety of others. 
  • If you are in the At-Risk population, we encourage you to continue participating in our Sunday online worship.
  • Our services will be limited in capacity. Please attend during your reserved service time. If you need to cancel or make a change, use the link in your confirmation email.
  • For the safety of your children, only bottles for infants and pouches for babies/toddlers are allowed, NO snacks, food, or drinks (including sippy cups) are allowed. Water will be offered in a disposable cup. Please do not bring toys from home. 
  • The facilities will be sanitized before and after each service. 
  • To ensure seats for our first time guests and other Fellowship attenders, if for any reason, you cannot attend or you want to attend a different service time, please click the Cancel Reservation link in your confirmation email. This frees up your seat for someone else.
  • Prepare for worship through prayer & praise to the Lord. Please come with an attitude of flexibility, patience, and grace.


  • Face coverings are highly encouraged.
  • The ONLY entrance to the campus will be on the Southside of the campus, the main entrance near the Guest Services Desk. All other entry doors will be closed.
  • Please maintain a minimum of 6ft distance at all times from anyone not in your family group.
  • Staff members and volunteers will be available to help you find a seat if needed. Please try to keep three empty seats (or six feet separation) between parties in any row.
  • Please only sit with family members that came with you. Hopefully, we will be able to resume sitting with our friends soon.
  • Fellowship is currently not serving food or drinks. You may bring your own drink if you like but please only use a spill proof container.
  • Though we will want to embrace each other, please, no handshaking or hugging at this time.
  • Parents, please accompany your child to the restroom to ensure best practices to avoid germs.