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Here at Fellowship Students we work diligently to build and develop a culture that is rooted in the Gospel. Partnering with parents in the discipleship and growth of their students faith. The task of discipleship is a long path and not for the faint of heart, but it is our believe and passion that if we partner with parents, provide an environment, and establish events rooted in scripture that we may be able to better help and equip students for what God has called of every single one.

The REtreat:FWD

KNGDM WKND is back for year ✌🏻!

Now, it will look a bit different, as all things are, but we beleive God still wants to do something incredible! 

The theme for the year is KNGDM WORK. Students will take part in KNGDM Centered work that will serve our local and church community as well as internationally. 

Students will walk away with a better understanding of the importance of the work we do no matter how big or small for the KNGDM of God.

When: FEB 12-14

Where: Fellowship Forney

Who: 7-12th

Worship: Jason White

Speaker: Jeremy Johnson

Cost: $35

Include Shirt and food for the weekend. 

Register Here

FAlls Creek 2022

This year for summer camp we begin a new tradition, that is heading north crossing the red river and attending the largest Christian camp in the World. Falls Creek, in Davis, Oklahoma. 

Dates- July 5-July 11

Cost- $225

Space- 40 Spots Available

Registration today by clicking the picture..

Be on the look out for more info in the coming weeks.

Lighthouse Mission

This Summer, Fellowship Students will be heading to Pensacola, Fl to serve, love, and share with families at Lighthouse Family Retreat. Student's will be working families and children affected by Childhood Cancer. If you would like to attend as a individual student or a family. Please contact us here.

Super Summer

Super Summer is Back (Hopefully) after its cancelation in 2020. We will be attend at DBU in Dallas, Tx on the dates of June 13-18. Registration will open in February, 2021. 

fellowship Open 2021

We will be back, May 7, 2021. Registration and details coming soon.