Nursery care

Our nursery is designed to care for, and nurture children birth through 2 years of age. Because children develop differently, our nursery focuses on developmental stages rather than age groups. From Infant Room to Toddler Room, each environment is designed to meet your child’s needs:

Infants, Crawlers, and New Walkers – Typically birth through 12 months

Development: Baby still needs head/neck support, only rolls one direction, swipes at toys, entertained by sight (such as mobile). Baby enjoys being on the floor, grasps toys, begins to creep, crawl, and pull-up; begins walking. 

Toddlers – Typically 12 months through 24 months

Development: Baby is walking steadily, points to desired toys, may say a few recognizable words, and learns to sit through a short Bible story. 


Parent/Child Dedication

Fellowship Forney offers two opportunities each year for parents to publicly dedicate themselves to the godly upbringing of their children, through their example, commitment to the church, and offering unconditional love. To participate in the next dedication service, please Contact Us.  

Our nursery is available during all regular worship services and certain special events or classes.