The Harbor

The Harbor exist to develop and train believers toward maturity in their faith.

Assist and equip parents in the process of discipling their Middle School or High School student.

Provide a place of fellowship, community and love all centered no the good news and work of Jesus Christ

Bible Fellowship

On Sunday Morning we gather together at 9am for Bible Fellowship. We will meet as one large group for a time of worship in the word, to eat donuts, and gather as a family. Then students will meet with their fellowship group that is divided according to age and gender. This spring and fall join us a we study through Isaiah looking at the sovereignty of God on full display through his prophet. Students will be challenged and encouraged by the work of Isaiah, being reminded of its fulfillment through Christ. Isaiah paints us this picture in the Gospel, that all things point to Jesus.

Wednesday's at the Harbor

Starting September 13, Sunday's become the New Wednesday Night for Fellowship Students.

August- Squad Up

Everyone wants a squad- a community of people that cares for us, helps and supports us, and gives us a place to belong. In short, we all want to be part of a community that feels like family. That kind of community isn't easy to come by, but it's exactly what Jesus had in mind for His followers when the Church began. In this series, we'll discover why the word "Church" means something much bigger than a building, we'll learn what life was like for some of the earliest Christians, and we'll explore four big ideas that mean as much for us today as they did to the Jesus-followers who lived nearly 2,000 years ago. The truth is, we can all be apart of God's family, and because we're God's family, we can do for others what God has done for us, we can grow together, and we can stand strong together. 


Acts, the follow up to the gospel of Luke is the story of God pouring out his grace upon the world, from the cross and resurrection of Jesus in Jerusalme to the ends of the earth. It is clear from the onset that nothing is more prominent then the message of the Gospel! For us today, we need to hear, read, adn be reminded of this. As we live in uncertain times, like that of the early church, we have this cerrtainty, that Christ died and rose, so that we may have life and life eternal. 

During this series, students will walk away with a better comprehension of the Book of Acts, the early church, how it impacts us today, and the trajectory we are on. That we are not a people who are worried or fearful, but out to be bold, compassionate, and lovin. As we look forward to what God has promised us is to come. 

yearly Events


    The Fall Retreat 2020

    When: November 13-15

    Where: Fellowship Forney

    Cost: TBA



    More Details to come Soon. 

  • Summer Camp

    Camp, A tradition unlike any other. This year(2021) we begin a new tradition, we begin the pilgrimage north to Oklahoma to attend Falls Creek. Nestled in the Arbuckle Mountains this Monday thru Saturday camp boast as one fo the best and largest Church camps in America. With a focus on evangelism, discipleship, and missions Falls Creek is well rounded for every student on their faith journey. 

    Cost: TBA


    Space: TBA

  • Mission 2021

    This Summer we will be heading to Pensacola, Florida to serve with Lighthouse Family Retreat to serve, love, and impact families who have experience pediatric cancer. Never to soon to start planning to join us as we get serve families faithfully.

  • Calibrate 2020- A month of Focus

    After what has been and continues to be a season of turmoil, we find it necessary to have a month of focus. A chance for us to calibrate our hearts and minds on the Gospel, our faith community, and what God is calling us to do in the midst of a pandemic. 

    Schedule all events start at 7pm and last til 8:15-30.

    Wednesday Aug 5- Squad Up/ Color War

    Wednesday Aug 12- Squad Up/Soaked and Socially Distanced

    Wednesday Aug 19- Squad Up/Making things New- T-shirt Dye

    Wednesday Aug 26- Worship/ Squad Up

    All activities will take place or meet at Fellowship Forney.

Our Focus

During the 2020 year Fellowship Student Ministries will r focus on the Gospel and the Kingdom. Now this may seem cliché, but in a culture that is growing more hostile to the good news we find this focus important and needed. We will focus on 4 main points. 

The Call of the Gospel.

Growing in the Gospel.

Knowing the Gospel.

Going for the Gospel.

The Kingdom of the Gospel

This Focus will be on display in every fellowship, mission, and study that we take part in. We want students to walk away from 2020 for an unquenchable thirst for truth, the Gospel and members of the Kingdom of God. Being challenged, pushed, and encouraged by the good news that we have in Jesus Christ.

Small Groups

Fellowship and community is difficult in a pandemic and we are trying to grow our groups and challenge them to meet. If you are interested in joining 1 of our Age/Gender Specific groups email us at and we will send you a link to join a group.